News Articles On Skin-Lightening

Articles on the UK & its Cities:

British Vogue:

(2023) How Watching My Darker-Skinned Sister Battle Colourism Changed My Perception of Beauty Forever:

(2020) What Beyonce Thought Us About Black Beauty:


(2021) Skin-lightening creams: Women 'not recognised' by father:

(2016) Illegal skin lightening creams being sold in London:

(2016) Illegal skin bleaching products on sale in Coventry:

(2013) Kanebo apologises for lightening products’ skin damage:

(2004) Illegal skin cream: An investigation by Inside Out West Midlands has discovered that illegal skin creams are openly sold in beauty shops in Birmingham:


(2020) L'Oreal to remove 'whitening', 'lightening' and 'fair' from skin care products

(2020) Alexandra Burke says she was told to bleach skin to appeal to white audiences:

(2019) Anila Baig: Corrie will show skin lightening is beyond the pale: 

Daily Mail:

(2014) As Holland & Barrett come under fire for selling a controversial skin lightening cream . . . The women who’ll do anything to have whiter skin:

The Guardian:


Channel 4 News:

(2015) Anger over 'skin whitening' products on sale at London event.

Crawley News

Evening Standard:

(2016) Toxic skin lightening creams seized in east London:


(2017) Face-changing app branded 'racist' for lightening skin on selfies:

Southwark News

(2019) Husband and wife sentenced after using kitchen to make illegal skin whitening products

Shropshire Star

Articles from Across the Globe:

NBC News

(2023) Colorism is driving women of color to use harmful skin lightening products, says new study:

Outlook India

(2022) Priyanka Chopra Jonas On Facing Colourism In Bollywood: I Was Called Black Cat:

The Voice Online


(2020) Fair and Lovely: Can renaming a fairness cream stop colourism?

(2020) Unilever renames Fair & Lovely skin cream after backlash

The Telegraph:

(2020) Toxic skin whitening products being sold on eBay despite warnings:

The Guardian:

(2015) India's skin-whitening creams highlight a complex over darker complexions:

Daily Mail

(2014) 'Kenyan men like women with whiter skin': The rise of wealth Nairobi women illegally injecting themselves with skin-lightening creams :



Jewish Business News:

(2015) How Multinational Brands Are Driving India's Dangerous Skin Whitening Obsession with Lighter Skin has taken an Ugly Turn :

International Business Times:

(2016) Skin Lightening: The beauty industry's ugly billion-dollar secret:


(2016) Light and shadows: Skin bleaching in Uganda:


(2016) An African Country is banning skin bleaching products, here's why:

The Root:

(2016) Ghana to Ban Skin-Bleaching Products in August:

CBC News:

(2016) Rapper Azealia Banks defends skin bleaching:

Face 2 Face Africa:

(2016) Melanin Goddess: Meet the Ebony Queen who is also a Fashion Model.

Huffington Post:

(2020) Alexandra Burk Details Racism she's Experienced Throughout out Career: 'I Was Told To Bleach My Skin':

(2016) Miss USA had to be remind herself that she was beautiful. Because racism.

(2015) Inside The Controversial Skin-Bleaching Phenomenon (VIDEO):

SKY News:

(2016) Beauty Firm Sorry for 'Racist' Skin-Whitening Ad.

NY Daily News:

(2016) Emma Watson is under fire for appearing in Lancôme ads for 'skin whitening' cream in 2013:

The Mercury News:

(2016) Kerry Washington disappointed by apparent skin-lightening on magazine cover:

Jamaica Observer:

(2016) Skin bleaching in Jamaica needs to be looked into, says American actor:

CTV News:

City Press


Gulf News

(2016) Are you dying to have white skin?


(2016) Gabby Douglas: Lighter Skin-Bleaching Buzz Joins Hand-On-Heart Controversy:

 Al Arabiya News

(2008) Arab women use 'bottled racism' for whiter skin


(2016) Skin Bleaching Is A Big Problem In Many African Countries:

NY Times

(2020) Johnson & Johnson Will Stop Selling Skin Whitening Lotions:

(2019) Rwanda Cracks Down on Bleaching Agents by Seizing Cosmetics:


(2017) Rub Out the Bias Behind Skin-Lightening Products:

ABC News

(2020) 'Whitening' creams undergo a makeover but colorism persists

(2017) Skin-whitening uptake sparks concern among Austrailian dermatologists:

(2017) Twitter is fuming over Face-App's 'racist' skin-lightening filter:


(2017) FaceApp apologizes after backlash over 'racist' skin lightening filter:

(2017) Why more Asian men are using skin-whitening products:

(2017) Priyanka Chopra regrets endorsing skin-lightening

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