I Documentaries, interviews, news items

Abdul Alim interviewed about Nur76 skin lightening on BBC Radio 5 Live by Victoria Derbyshire:

Yellow Babes - A skin bleaching documentary

Nur76 Skin Lightening Documentary for Scottish Cinema

Nur76 Skin Lightening Abdul Alim Interview on BBC 1 by Anita Rani

Skin Lighteners at the Afro Hair and Beauty Show (2011)

Fair or Not?: The Snow White Complex (USA)

Dangers of skin bleaching, Skin bleaching victims   (France)  

Make me White - Anita Rani, BBC1 (2009)

Everywoman - Skin Bleaching    

Indians who hate their skin color bleach it white! CNN

Skin Bleaching and the Dancehall (Jamaica)    <

Caribbean fashion week-Dance hall and skin bleaching

The Quest for Beauty (Philippines)

Ponds Lotion Ad In India: Racist?       (       

Nigeria: report on skin bleachingstyle="font-size: 16px; line-height: 17.12px;"> 

Bleach My Skin White_ skin bleaching excerpt  &nbsp
‘Colour me White’ (audio BBC5Live, Aasmah Mir, 2012)       

Skin Bleaching in Africa (BBCNews)

My Strange Addiction- Candice Bleaches Her Skin 

Fair: a documentary about skin lightening            

Why are Indians obsessed with fairness? (Indian TV debate)

Nur76 Skin Lightening Interview Debate        

The Whitening of Asia - Racist Thai TV Commercials that will make your Jaw drop - Eng Subs

Asia's Skin Whitening Fascination

BBC News Skin whitening in Asia Magic potion or poison?


A Darker Side of Fair - PREVIEW

II Individual Perspectives / Vlogs

My Skin Bleaching Story!

Black women bleaching their skin to be lighter  

Skin bleaching  (student film with v low audio) 

Skin Bleaching & "Yellow Fever"        

Real Beauty Talk: Is skin whitening still taboo?

III Adverts & Reviews

9X Fairness Cream Commercial

Skin lightening and fairness in 3min in India         

Extreme skin lightening, skin bleaching with hydroquinone

Nivea whitening cream commercial        

Whitening pills, glutathione skin whitening and age defying supplement

Skin bleaching cream
Makari skin lightening and bleaching creams      
Beyoncé skin lightening- Beyoncé skin lightening cream reviews

Skin whitening products reviews             

Skin lightening creams reviewed              
Glutathione and Skin Whitening. The Best Skin Lightening Product | Glow2Thione
Skin Bleaching for the Entire Body, Fast, Safe and Effective Skin Lightening

Skin Whitening Cream - Fast, Effective Products       Skin White Power whitening Lotion TVC 

Hand Intravenous Administration of Glutathione Skin Whitening Injection

Skin White 3-in-1 Face Cream Powder TVC 

 Laser Skin Lightening - Elase Medical Spas

How Ivory caps works. Ivory Caps Permanent and Natural Skin Whitening Pills
Fair and Lovely Skin Cream Ad (in English)


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